Painting Day July 22, 2017

4-H and FFA members and moms help out



Finishing off the arena walls

New wall gets its first coat

All walls and roof up and covered. 6/22






Steel structure going up! 6/9/1

Pouring the new wall




View from the front of the hog barn. New sidewalk entry, to the left, for all show arena visitors


Volunteers removing walls and roof from Building # 3

Ready for new steel frame walls and roofing

Dedication Ceremony Manheim Community Farm Show Champions Arena

The Manheim Community Farm Show is pleased to announce that the construction has begun on the expansion of the livestock show and sales ring.  The new arena will be named the Champions Arena in honor of all who have showed animals at Manheim over the past 64 years and those who will show in the new arena in the future.  The new arena will provide an improved showing experience for both the FFA and 4-H exhibitors showing and selling their animals and the public attending the shows and sale.

To offer a donation toward the completion of the Champions Arena building project click here for the donation form:Champions Arena Donor Flyer updated


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